Cheese and Crackers Part Deux

As promised: the continuing tales of a woman on the verge of a Disney meltdown and where to go to chill it all out.

Epcot. YAY! Epcot is, in my opinion,by far the most restful of the parks. The biggest reason for this, other than enormous quantities of expensive, but high quality liquor, is the vast expanses of lawns and gardens available for hobo-like napping. As stated in my previous offering on the subject, Magic Kingdom has landscaping that is extremely pretty and fairy-tale-esque, but tragically is fenced off to within an inch of its life, a decision I can’t even fault, given the huge numbers of sugar fueled children that frolic there. (Though, an argument could be made that the lands of Epcot are no safer from the average adult guest post-margarita. ) At Epcot, however, while some lawns are off limits behind friendly but firm fences and gates, a surprising amount of lush green turf is yours for the lounging.

My personal favourite of these sylvan spots is the gentle slope outside of Mission: Space. It is important to note I spend a fair bit of time here each visit, mostly because it is located outside of Mission: Space, and this is a ride that I will happily wave my husband on to while firmly refusing to set one motion-sickness prone and claustrophobic-as-all-crap toe on my own self. Even when the lines are tame, there is usually enough time waiting for my wannabe hubs-tronaut to return from his flight to catch a Z or two, and the grass is warm and welcoming every time. A memorable snooze took place on my honeymoon, as I curled on the tiny hillside, bridal ears askew on my head, which was resting on a shopping bag filled with our accumulated stuff, I heard a voice from further down say “That is one tired bride,” with a sightly knowing smirk in his voice. “not for any kind of  ‘fun’ reason”, I murmured back, eyes still blissfully closed. I have barely lazed and downright SLEPT on this hill, and it holds a special place in my thalamic reticular nucleus. Word of warning, while delightfully sun splashed and warm during cooler months, in heat of summer, the sun will fry you on this unshaded expanse. Wear sunscreen during your doze.

Throughout the nations of World Showcase, additional such lawns can be found here and there, and most are open and available. I have even seen families having a little picnic now and then, and it is great way to relax kids and adults alike.

It must be stated that for a restful interlude, it is hard to beat the relatively new tequila bar located in the giant pyramid of the Mexico pavilion. Combined with a trip down what I will always stubbornly refer to as “El Rio del Tiempo” (the overhaul of the ride added various poultry and changed its name to the Gran Fiesta Tour) or, if I am feeling really smart alecky, “es el mundo pequeno”, the Mexico pavilion is practically a vacation from your day. For one, it’s dark in there. For another, there is tequila in there. The tiny nook off to the right hand  side of the large inner chamber, down the ramp, is low ceilinged, well but atmospherically lit, and nicely appointed with a combination of tables, booths, a standup table, and one area with a low couch and barrel seating around a wide slate coffee table. While clearly intended for larger parties, my husband and I have shamelessly appropriated it for our midday beverage. The available snack options are strictly bar food, Mexican style, natch, with spicy and delicious salsa and queso offerings. The real star is the tequila, and, of course, the accompanying magnificent buzz that only comes with having a drink or two in you in broad daylight in a place populated by large, living, plush animals.

Each pavilion has its special spots where rest and relaxation, not to mention festive beverages, can be found. Another great one is in Japan, and it amazes me that more people still don’t know about it. Up behind the quick service sushi restaurant is the prettiest little garden spot, with tables and chairs to nosh surprisingly good sushi, and little fountains and creeks that tumble along beside you when you are ready to walk back down to the hustle and bustle of the park. Look for the source of that rhythmic hollow clacking sound and you will find a shishi odoshi nestled in the creek off to your left. Japan’s pavilion has so much neat stuff and so many restful spots, we have been known to spend hours in that nation alone.

These are just a few places to catch a little rest at Epcot. Stay tuned for even more ideas. Being lazy usually means knowing where all the best lazy spots are.


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