Processed Cheese Food

I am going to take a little break from my ongoing series on restful little break spots to share how to keep from being a big sad emo blob if a lack of funds keeps you even from the heady heights of Disney hobodom. As is pretty clear by now, the hubs and I have annual passes to the ‘World, which is how we can dash over at a moment’s notice and explore the joys of having a Disney dinner on a shoestring, or justifying that a few hours at the Kingdom work out to less than the cost of a movie when you have the passes paid for.

But alas…

We have had our passes, how to say, in hock, since unemployment became a factor recently. That is going to be remedied this weekend, but even still, a trip may still be a few weeks off as we get out from under that whole “oopsie, must pay rent” thing. But my friends, this is not a bid for sympathy or scorn. We have made the most of our sabbatical time and I wanted to share what we have for our entertainment, and have actually since last year.

Disney movies can be pricey. Unless you get them second hand or on a steep sale, collecting your favourite films on DVD can really add up in a huge way. And I am not going to lie. I really don’t need commentary from a two hundred year old animator on Snow White or hear about “Baby Mine” making a studio exec get the weepies, or whatever I might be treated to in the extras. There are certain movies that I am going to get all SQUEE over and will want the whole can of Spam. Dumbo, to be frank, ain’t one of them. Bambi II: Thumper Gets Pissed really ain’t one of them. But there is something cool about the idea of having a huge Disney library.

Man, I heart thrift stores.

Disney movies at thrifts stores will cost you a buck, maybe two or three tops for “rare” titles. Do not pay more than this. Do not believe the Comic Guy from The Simpsons-esque collector at the flea market when he says that the first run tape of The Little Mermaid is worth $100 because of the wiener castle on the cover. Sure, maybe, but if you care about the movie, get another edition. Or wait until you find a copy at Goodwill that someone got rid of, not realising that cartoon weenies are collector gold. What about a VCR, you ask? No one owns a damn VCR anymore. No, because they all took them to Goodwill with their weenie tapes. We scored a sweet VCR (yeah, I said “sweet” and “VCR” in the same sentence) for seven dollars. We set it up, using ancient tools we found in a cave somewhere, and admired it at length. “This was about about three hundred dollars new. This was a state of the art machine.” I purred, gloatingly. “Yup”, agreed my husband. “In 1995. We are the cutting edge of twentieth century technology.”

And so every night, we can watch a different Disney movie, complete with 90s trailers and commercials for Disney’s high tech interactive CD Rom computer games. The film is not high def, there is more grain than a bag of cattle feed, and the colour is a tad dim compared to today’s superb remastering techniques. But these are the flickering images of my childhood, and that is something no amount of money can buy.


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